Welcome to Peca SMS Traverse Net Support


SMS Traverse is a 2D/3D function, with Least Squares estimation of results and Detail points processing.

There are many varieties of Total Stations in the market. And the issue of data formats for capture arises. While SMS is centred on Leica TPS, we also have SMS format. These are described in SMSHelp. SMS Format allows in-house integration of user’s data into SMS. And we are only too pleased to assist in any such instrument integration.

Please note that rounds of angle observations are accepted or rejected based on the setting of error parameters, in Job/Visit database. It follows the Rule-of-the-Thumb approach. Where one wishes to accept rejected rounds, the precision should be decreased. Save the traverse record to effect acceptance. For large number of observations, it is preferable to repeat the download.

Traverse plots are directly available, both on screen and on ward to printer. Both scale and print size are options.

In coarse traverse, the error ellipse may be large. Check the Unit Var in Visit database, and repeat processing and computation. 

And default directory for work is C:\TRVProjects.