What is Survey Management System software?

 Survey Management System is a software suite, an upgrade of the successful LMS (Level Monitoring System) distributed for us by Leica UK Limited.  Click the Leica Report button below to see a full analytical report of the LMS by Leica UK Limited.  SMS was developed after more than 10 years of intensive research and testing to include standard 3-D Traverse network, Triangulation Network and the conventional level network analysis.  Among others, the software turns the once complex task of level management, working with conflicting datums, comparison of data sets, and trend analysis into a straightforward operation at the job site on a laptop computer or at the office using conventional office computers. 

Is the SMS software suite easy to learn?

Yes, the software is easy to learn.  SMS is structured as a field-to-finish system with uniform and familiar survey interface.  The software employs an easy to follow sequential and logical process. Software is written in such a way that operator performs the tasks that are better done by humans and the software program perform those tasks that computers are good at – acquire, process, compare, analyze data and produce a result that can be visualized on the computer screen o on paper

How does Survey Management System software work?

 At the core of SMS software is the integrated database.  SMS compiles a list of observations prior to computations, reconciles traverse abstracts, reduces double levelling to mean values and merges data from other field books. Click SMS illustration button for more information. Computation is by method of Least Squares, involves iteration until corrections are insignificant. It is then followed by reduction of detail or intermediate points with additional capacity to compare different data sets of a network for monitoring the height of points and produce a trend analysis. 

What survey instruments are compatible to SMS?

 SMS is designed to accept data direct from Digital Levels and Total Stations in the market. Click SMS Interface button for an illustration.  In addition, SMS is capable of accepting historic data from any computer and survey instrument with ease via data import, thereby allowing you to view and manage your TPS, GPS and Level data in an integrated and systemic fashion.  

How can Survey Management System software help me?

SMS enables the surveyor and engineer to achieve cost-effective management. Projects are executed faster, with quality control and reduced manpower. In today’s survey world, therefore, SMS is capable of assisting engineers acquire the large amounts of data from a variety of instrument sources, analyze and manage such measurements to obtain reliable solutions.  In effect, SMS is the Key to successfully executing and unraveling those survey networks. It will help you by performing those tasks the computers do best while letting you perform those tasks humans do best.  

How can I find out if SMS software can help me?

 You can find out by downloading  our free demo software.  You will have several days of grace period to test-drive the software.  If you are satisfied with the software, you may decide to order one or more licenses for your organization. 

Can I order a demo or trial SMS software?

 Absolutely! Go to the free trial download page to get started. Click the Demo Software button below to download our fully functional software. Free for 30 days, no risk. 

How can SMS software save money?


SMS will not only save you time, it will save you a lot of money.  Being a complete suite of software designed as a field-to-finish system, the use of CAD and presentation packages would not be necessary.  SMS is used by large and small organizations around the world; numerous educational and governmental institutions, as well, have adopted SMS.