About Us


PECA CONSULT provides top-notch creative software development and expert integration services for all your technical requirements, great customer support, and prices that can't be beat!

The successful Survey Management System (SMS) software provides technologies to collect/acquire digital spatial data, analyze the data, and visually present the data on the   computer screen or on paper.  In addition, Peca offers professional services in systems integration in surveying and information technology for companies around the world.


Through our commitment, experience, and expertise PECA CONSULT has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! The software is very important in the field of precision monitoring for soil   settlement and subsidence, and structural deformation.  Thus, SMS is beneficial to surveying and mapping organizations, civil engineering and construction industry.  SMS software can also be customized and tailored to individual projects and/or business software solutions.

Technology will take us to places we cannot yet envision.  Nevertheless, to merely go along for the ride is not enough.  PECA is committed and dedicated worldwide provider of custom   software for survey and geoinformatics.   


We are industry’s choice for providing professional software for the customers we serve in the Surveying and mapping organizations, civil engineering and construction industry and related aftermarket.

Our purpose is to change the world one life at a time by helping our clients achieve their dreams at the individual and organizational levels. This is the underlying inspirational reason for our existence and the reason we come to work everyday.

Our values drive our reputation. Making our products more powerful and successful is essential to achieving our vision. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the people we touch, especially our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work


Why Us? 

  • Set yourself apart. 
  • Set your project apart. 
  • Everyday we invest our resources and efforts to achieve better products and help our customers improve productivity. 
  • Projects don't always end up where they're supposed to be.  Are you willing to take the risk?  Peca's SMS software suite can take your worries away. 
  • Our competitive pricing means our customers get the solution they want at a price they can afford. 
  • Our approach is simple - we offer a quick, efficient, reliable and personal service.