Survey Management System, has origins in the desire to find a solution that meets the requirements of surveyors in field practice and office management. And in this respect, a perfect model solution emerged in Level Monitoring System, forming in the main a presentation for APC in Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Evolving as SMS, it was also adopted by both Leica Geosystems(UK) and Carl Zeiss(Germany) as a software component for range of Digital Levels.

Surveyors welcomed the package, with great enthusiasm. Some observations include "... software with a chip..., ... absolute brilliance... ", amongst others. On computation, many likened the model to " bundle adjustment ". In effect the semblance to photogrammetric techniques involving the computation of all stations at the click of a button.

The package started life as a 16-bit application in the middle 90's. It was constrained therefore in new Windows environments. That has now changed with current revision that debuts in Windows 64-bit operating systems.

SMS projects are defined by field activities, involving instrument types. These are, Digital Level, Total Station, Scan Station and GPS. Also included are Depth Soundings in Hydrographic work. Data and results are collated into Geo-Spatial database. Henceforth, applications in Monitoring, Engineering, Cadastre and Custom applications.



SMS is a complete field-to-finish solution with tools and facilities for   both field and office activities:

Field Activity – Surveying:

  • Manual / Automated Field Book. 
  • Level Network Analysis. 
  • 3-D Traverse Network Analysis. 
  • Least Squares Adjustments.  

Other Activities – Applications:

  • Quality Control. 
  • Level Profiles and Cross-Sections. 
  • Subsidence / Deformation Monitoring.  
  • Land Records and Plan Production.

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This is the best kept software secret. Our SMS software turns once complex task of network levelling, adjustment, comparison of data sets and trend analysis into a straightforward  operation.

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