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SMS Traverse Suite.


SMS Traverse suite provides the functionality you need to tackle even the most challenging of precision topographic and engineering control surveys. Unique to SMS is the provision of 3-D loop analysis with closures in each of easting, northing and height. This information can be compared with the linear vector misclosure for each loop. Processing and computation employs the best of both worlds: condition equations and observation equations. Embedded transformations are a very handy routine. Surveyors can now compute in one working datum and then list results in client's datum. This is a simple matter of selecting from a datum list box. Bowditch Table is special, a re-invigoration of the popular technique in a Bowditch interface and database. With Geodetic Transformations, the surveyor can meet all requirements within SMS environment. Even cadastral facilities are available in Land Records, a direct solution that does not require third party database or CAD facility. Designed for companies of all sizes, SMS Traverse Suite is the foundation for a completely integrated set of end-to-end surveying management applications. SMS Traverse Suite consists of the following modules:

  1. Traverse Field Book
  2. Traverse Network analysis
  3. Transformations
  4. Dimensional Control/Deformation Monitoring
  5. Bowditch Table
  6. Geodetic Transformation
  7. Land Records System

Traverse Field Book
This is an intelligent field book that employs heuristics as well as algorithms in reducing traverse observations. It features a survey and booking assistant, who traditionally carry out this exercise. It provides superior judgment to default standards in many an instrument system. So the tradition of observing rounds of angles and human evaluation is retained but combined with sound algorithms incorporating error parameters of a given instrumentation. Strict data validation is enforced with respect to survey data types. A survey can start from anywhere and end at any point in a survey network, in any order. The sorting into survey topology is automated by the assistant process. Surveyors can therefore focus on maximizing the available time for optimal field productivity. Download or update to field book is as often as convenient, for survey parties. When observations are repeated, the assistant deletes old records and replaces with new survey observations. The editing is automatic. The interface retains survey tradition and is unique as both a graphic pad of observed directions, and a spreadsheet and database. Each instrument setup has a dynamic allocation for detail observations. Traverse field book supports direct input of Total Stations, from Leica Geosystems. However there is SMSFmt for easy in-house configuration. Besides, there is also the added facility of customizations to suit requirements.

Traverse Network Analysis
SMS Traverse Suite is designed for high precision 3-D control survey and deformation monitoring. It can therefore handle any network of any complexity. The surveyor has total control by virtue of excellent analytical tools. A network description is provided to complement any existing diagram. This is a vital tool, as networks tend to change very dynamically in most construction environments. Unique to SMS is three-dim loop analysis of closures in the network. This is provided for each of easting, northing and height as well as the linear accuracy for this portion of the traverse. For large networks of hundreds of stations, this module is indispensable. There is also the confidence to detect and conclusively revalue co-ordinates of that fixed station. With capacity to dynamically generate all the condition equations in a network, apply optimal least squares adjustment, SMS is unique in providing the facilities that make a difference between whether a survey project is successfully executed or not.

It is common for surveyors to carry out a survey in one datum and list the results in client’s datum. Usually, that involves using one or more packages and several input processes. In SMS, this need is anticipated with a control data base that allows stations to be registered in as many datum. Then after computations, it is a simple matter of listing results from available selection of datum. The transformation is automatic, involving least squares estimation for best results.

Dimensional Control/Deformation Monitoring
One very important application of survey information is in high precise dimensional control and deformation monitoring. Indeed, this is a common requirement in civil engineering. Therefore, in this vein, SMS provides facilities to match these critical and essential requirements in the industry. Field to Finish means that increased frequency of monitoring does not require increase in manpower levels. The selection of cycles and designation of base, previous and current visits is automated and so the surveyor can go directly to Results for monitoring information. This information is in form of tables, charts, trend analysis and profile analysis. The standard of hardcopies is unmatched and the surveyor can dispense with external packages to present reports seamlessly. The 3-D space in data records allows import of level results to augmented 3-D records with superior level information. Besides inspection of results, a statistic, Assessment provides a picture of movement for hundreds or even thousands of monitoring points.

Bowditch Table
Bowditch Table is unique to SMS. While 3-D Traverse is for rigorous least squares adjustments of precision surveys, there are many instances where Bowditch method of adjustment is good enough. And so comes, this innovation, Bowditch Table. It is a database and Bowditch computation sheet rolled into one. The environment is dynamic, so that there may be as many azimuth stations and sub-networks as need be. For traditionalists, this module is a joy and a re-invigoration of old technique in a surveyor’s interface. The hard copy print of this table is ideal and unmatched for record keeping.

Geodetic Transformation
In designing SMS, the goal is maximum productivity. The surveyor would not have to look for solutions outside the environment. The facility for Geodetic Transformation is one further example in this line. The module offers a broad selection of feature rich solutions, including the following:
  1. Transformation from Topocentric datum to spheroid and vice versa
  2. Transformation from NTM/UTM to spheroid and vice versa
  3. Transformation from Geodetic datum (e.g. WGS84) to Clarke 1880 and vice versa
  4. Grid to Grid Transformation, NTM/UTM

Land Records System
The land records system offers professional surveyors in private practice a comprehensive system for automated survey administration. Land Records system is a unique electronic document storage system that organizes survey records and documents in a database, with text and graphics data fields and capacity to hold 16,000 records for each job title. Software is capable of providing automated survey plans to the high standards of cartography but without requiring the use of 3rd party CAD programs.

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This is the best kept software secret. Our SMS surveying software turns once complex task of network levelling, adjustment, comparison of data sets and trends analysis into a straightforward operation.


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