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DOWNLOAD SMS Trial Suite (rev. 02/2012)

To download a free 30-day trial of the updated SMS Trial* suite:

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=>Click here for SMS with Ni007 manual instrumentation.

This current revision dated February 2012, included support for Windows 7 32-bit version and options for GPS Monitoring and Level Applications. 

* The trial suite is same as the full featured purchase version except that it expires in 30 days.

If you are using our trial software, please download this updated version and install over your original trial installation.

If this is your first trial download, please download and install this updated trial version.


DOWNLOAD SMS Suite full featured version for activation (rev. 02/2012)

To download the updated SMS suite for permanent activation:

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=>Click here for SMS with Ni007 manual instrumentation.

If you are using our trial software and have paid for activation, please download appropriate version and install over your trial installation.


1. Download appropriate self extracting trial file.

2. Double click on the downloaded file to initiate the SMS installation  (example C:\SMS)

Note: File can only be installed once. Not compatible with server installation.

Click below to Download:
bulletSMS Bowditch Table Information
bulletSMS GPS Monitoring Information
bulletSMS Level Applications Information

Download SMS User Manual
bulletTable of Contents
bulletUsing the Manual
bulletGetting Started
bulletData Collection

Published Articles:.
bulletExpert Systems for Monitoring
bulletCivil Engineering Surveyor (CES) Publication - October 2011


At PECA, we anticipate your problems and pre-empt them before they occur. And so, you do not even come close to having to ask those questions. In this regard, we are pleased to provide information as follows:

Data Interface

SMS, structurally, provides for all instruments in the market. That includes new instruments yet to be introduced. Indeed, for any one Total Station, there is a variety of data collection formats depending on preferences and data collection in use, in the organisation. So obviously, we would not at a time, accommodate all these preferences.

Our solution is three-fold:

bulletSMS has a standard format, SMS format, for data import into the field book. As illustrated here, it is self-explanatory and a mirror of surveyor’s booking sheet. In-house developers are encouraged to convert their data to this format and then export into the field book. We are pleased to announce that, in fact, data integration is one of services we provide. So we would be only too glad to undertake this exercise.

bulletSMS provides a list of instrument types, Total Stations and Levels, in specifying data formats. This includes even new instruments, for direct integration. For each of these instrument options, we invite organisations to provide us with preferred formats. Henceforth, the format would become available to the user as an integral part of the system. This we did successfully for Digital levels, Leica Na2000/3000 series and Zeiss Dini series.

bulletIn the general situation, it is often the case that a customer wishes to begin using his equipment with SMS, and therefore requires methodology and recording format. In this respect, we are providing default formats for each listed instrument. At the moment, though, the available option is for Leica equipment. Therefore users of Leica TPS/REC Module can Click here for the methodology and formats for using Leica equipment with SMS.

Data Exports

SMS provides print and file options in all data windows. So data can be exported into any package of choice, in ASCII format. As a field-to-finish system, we have ensured that quality of output and presentation is such that the use of external package is not necessary. So export facility is available mainly to assist in data portability. 

In graphic output, we have been able to dispense with the requirement for design. So in monitoring, level and road profiles, and dredge quantities the output is excellent. Similarly, in Land Records, we have survey plans of high cartographic quality. However, as stated earlier, we wish to assist in portability. So users can advise us of requirements. In the meantime, we shall be providing graphic data exchange through object technology.


We encourage users to stay in touch with developments or send in questions. In this regard, we provide you with the option to download our manuals, product information and flyers periodically.


Hardware Requirements 

The hardware configuration and recommendations are as follows:

bulletPentium® 500 MHz processor, with 128 MB of RAM.
bullet4GB hard disk storage and backup device.
bulletGraphics adapter, preferably at 24-bit colour, small fonts and 800 x 600 VGA screen resolution.
bullet17inch colour monitor.
bulletStandard mouse.
bulletStandard keyboard.
bulletA standard colour printer configured in Windows®.
bulletMicrosoft® Windows® 9x/Me, NT/2000/XP/7 32-bit(Windows XP is preferred).

Note: Less capable machines (such as 486/66 MHz) can run SMS software, but the results may be less than ideal. The use of faster processors and/or additional memory will directly improve performance and capacity.

Software Maintenance

Peca thrives in research and development. We challenge ourselves to changes in technology, responding to changes in survey equipments and methodology, requests and feedbacks from customers, advances in computer technology and other factors to create new products you need to accurately perform your job. We appreciate that some users would not have the need to upgrade their systems for upwards of ten years or even more. However, for most others, we provide incremental upgrades at a nominal fee to support research and developments. Some customers find our annual software subscription advantageous and as a gateway to using SMS with up to date trends in methodology and technology.





- Download SMS Trial Software



Pico Rivera
CA 90660-1494 U.S.A.

323.837.2709 tel. 323.837.2809 fax


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